Favourite Book

My favourite book is The A C B with Honora Lee. I haven’t finished the book yet but so far I love it. The main character is Perry she has Gran who doesn’t really know her and thinks she is someone else. I am reading it class and I love it.


100 word challenge

Once there was two girls called  Emma and Zara  they were at the mall and they had gone shopping in H&M. When they had fished in there they went to Roxy then Country Road ,Maxi & Lush . They went to the toilets . The funny bit comes in now .  They finally got to the toilets and they walked into the boys toilets! Everyone laughed and pointed they were so embarrassed that they ran to go and hide in a shop but they didn’t let them in they yelled to the shop keeper who cares that we took no notice of the sign.



I’m going to tell you a time I really had to perevere.I had to really perevere on water skiing.When I first tried to ski I fell millions but then I got up I felt so pround. Now I always  beg mum to go to the lakes.


100 Word Challenge

Once a pink awesome giraffe who wouldn’t go into his dusty painful shed so he sang out to his firends to get him out but they couldn’t hear him so he tired to push himself out . once he finally got out the zoo keepers pushed him back in so this time he tired to seek out the back way but the gate was to small .So he pushed the zoo keepers out of the way so a helicopter came to try to push him back in but the giraffe pushed the helicopter out of the way that is the end .

My Favourite Childhood Memory

My favourite childhood memory is when I went to the Uk I was only  three but this is what I rember.We went to a few  castles and I went to the top with my grandpa and we waved down to mum.

 when I was over there it was chirtsmas so we went to go see santa and I cried the whole time on his lap. It is funny to me now but when it happened.When we went on the casltes my sister Izzy was to sared to go up with out mum so she stayed with mum and we went up.I’m going this year so I can tell you more.


Where I’m From

Where I’m From

(Inspired By George Ella Lyon)

I’m from flat grass paddocks,

I’m from big cowsheds,

I’m from huge mountains,

I’m from amazing overflowing dams,


I’m from a kind household,

I’m from outdoors to tired indoors,

I’m from cold hockey  to hot touch,

I’m from Jason and Myfanwy,

I’m from a gigantic family tree.



Hi !

Hi, I’m from new Zealand and this is a lake that we go to.

I have a sister,half sister,step sister and a step brother.

We have one dog.I’m 10 years old.I love baking.I play touch.I play hockey. I live on a dairy farm.I sometimes help milk the cows.